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Friday, 17 October 2014

Pearls Girls and Monty Bodkin

Ever since I had my ears pierced just over a year ago I have been in the habit of wearing some sort earring pretty much all of the time.   Most of the time it will be a simple stud of some sort.   In truth I have altogether far too many studs, sparkly ones, pearls of all colours, simple metal spheres, hearts and flowers.   It is one of the ways that I assert my femininity even when the situation will not allow me to be more obvious.

Yesterday I was wearing a pair of (cold water cultured)  pearl studs which, even though very cheap and cheerful, I rather like, when I got home and got changed I found that one of them was missing, I was disappointed but not bereft.   I put the remaining stud to one side and the matter out of my mind.

This morning it took me a while to get started, I am finding that is happening more and more, I hope that my holiday will help, but I am finding it very difficult to work up the enthusiasm to get started on anything these days. Anyway I did eventually manage to get my act together and made a sandwich and a flask of tea, put on my work wear and went to put on my shoes to leave home, but found something in one of my shoes.   Assuming that as so often happens it was a bit of stone I just shook the shoe out over the path, only to find that my pearl stud fell out.   How it got from my ear into my shoe I will never understand, but I am very pleased to have it back.

I should stress that these are not "proper" pearls, they are way beyond my pay scale, but fresh water ones, from chinese muscles rather than South Sea oysters, and as for Monty, well there may be more about him later........................
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