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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Holiday ~ Looking Forward 4

Well it's getting closer only a couple of weeks now and I'll be flying away to warmer climes.   Unfortunately it will only be for a week, but it is only now that it is really beginning to dawn on me that this will be the longest continous time I will have spent "en femme".   I have had a couple of weekends, and indeed on my last trip to France I spent a few days but this will be something of a test as I will be spending at least seven complete days and nights as the women I believe I am.

Regardless of any trepidation or excitement I may be feeling about this, it does mean a bit more planing is required than any previous weeks away.   Not only does my packing list look very different to previous years, my preparation will have to be a little different.   Like any other girl I want to look my best while I am away, in my case of course this doesn't just mean planning my outfits and getting my makeup right, it also means sorting out hair removal, trying maintain my nails and thinking about my hair.

Having worn my new swimming costume the other night, I now feel quite secure about it's security, but I did realise that I was displaying parts of my body that are not normally on display, and that I can't reach with a razor!   Dealing with this will involve spending money, planning, and pain!   I'm not very good with pain, but I am finding that as long as I know the outcome is worthwhile then I can just about bear it, what makes it worse is paying somebody else to inflict the pain.   I know a lot of ladies have their legs waxed, so far I have only got as far as eyebrows, and that hurt, so I am simply not prepared for how my back will feel!

I am also considering trying a chemical option to shaving for my chest, but am reluctant in case I have a reaction and then feel even more nervous about donning my swimming costume. Decisions, decisions.

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