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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Yet another non event

Well I for one have had what might be termed a bit of a funny old week.   After only having had my new van for a couple of weeks it has already had somebody drive into the back of it, but at least this time I was there and could get all of his details, within 24 hours I had been contacted by his insurance company arranging for a body shop to collect the van, assess the damage and repair it, and provide me with a hire van while it is away.   So now instead of a 2002 Mercedes Vito with over 200,000 miles on the clock I am driving around in a 2014 Renault Traffic which has just turned over 5,000 miles.   Strange though it may sound, despite the SatNav, electric windows, etc. I actually prefer the old Merc, but at least I do have a nice shinny van to drive around in while mine is fixed, probably to a better standard than it was before.

As my week has been hectic and my life complicated it so happened that when I had to pop down to the hire company to collect the van I was dressed, without thinking about it I just walked down the road (they are that near by) and picked up the van, not really worrying that all the paperwork is in "His" name, nobody batted an eyelid everybody was very friendly and professional and there was no hassle just as should be expected.   The next morning the man arrived to take Dannie away (yes it seems to have stuck), he arrived before my hangover left so when the doorbell rang I was still in my dressing gown, complete with the remains of the previous nights makeup, nail polish etc. again he was happy to wait a few minutes while I threw on some (girl) clothes and sorted out the van for him.

Now this is all as it should be and as we should expect.  The interesting thing is that a year ago I would have moved heaven and earth to avoid allowing myself to get into situations like these, now I am fine with them, and so far have had no bad experiences as a consequence.

However I was a little nervous this evening as I have agreed to play in a bandstand concert with the Bromley Concert Band tomorrow, and tonight I went to the rehearsal, the reason for my nerves are two fold, the Conductor and the Solo Clarinet.   Both lovely people and decent musicians, the reason for my nerves was that they are both my daughters old music teachers, but I got the reaction that I am becoming accustomed to, nothing!

So much of what is happening, or rather not happening, to me now makes me wonder why didn't I do this years ago?
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