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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Playing Tag

OK so Joey has tagged all of his readers on this via from Riot Kitty

1) What are you currently working on

As little as I can get away with, on the writing front I would love to do more, I realise that I am no good at fiction so the novel will stay hidden, but I would love nothing more than too have a regular column for a paper, I have several passions, gardening , music, clothes, etc and would be more that happy to write about them ~ oh yes that's what I do here isn't it, it's just that on Paula's Place nobody gets paid.

2) How does your work differ from others in the same genre

Well this assumes that I have a genre, I suppose I am different to other gender based writers because I am a gardener and a musician, I am different to other gardeners and musicians because I am trans, and as far as I have been able to work out I am not only the world's leading, but probably the world's only Transgender Tuba and Bass Trombone playing Christian Gardener. If I'm not please let me know, then I will have to incorporate the Bass Guitar and euphonium in there somewhere.   The est blogs are about whole lives, opinions, beliefs, adventures, ups and downs, any blog that concentrates on just one aspect of live is inevitably limited and will eventually lack interest, so my blogs differs from others because I differ from others.

3) Why do you write what you write

I started to write this blog so that I had something to confide in, a place where I could share my thoughts and adventures anonymously, that very quickly changed as I became less and less anonymous, then it became more of an exercise in self validation, if enough people were prepared to read my gushings then that means that what I think and do has some value, and must mean I am loved. Now it is just the sheer joy of the writing process and sharing with friends, at it's the blogging experience is a conversation.  Mind you I do still eagerly check my stats every day!

4) Describe your writing process

I think about what I want to write about all day while I'm at work, on the odd occasions when I do some practise, maybe while in bed.   After all this thought and planning I then sit down with my laptop and type something completely different.   I seem to have some sort of stream of consciousness thing going here, I will start off thinking I'm going to write about panting bulbs today, and end looking at what I've written and find that most of it is about persona faith.   I am reminded of the author who when asked what he thought about something replied that he didn't know as he hadn't said it yet.  (If anyone knows who it was please let me know)

As a foot note I want to say that for somebody like me on the dyslexia spectrum the advent of modern computers with spell check has been totally liberating, not only enabling us to write but to enjoy it, whole new areas of communication are being opened up, helping us to fulfill areas of life we thought we were excluded from.   I mentioned earlier that I would love to write a column, back in the days of type writers I could not even have considered such a thing now anything is possible.

And since they both say that if you write a blog then you are a writer, then in turn I will "cop out" as well and I tag all of you.
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