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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Holiday looking forward ~ 1

Regular readers will have noticed that I am more than a little obsessed with the build up to my holiday at the moment.   I will not be going until the end of next month, but I am anticipating, and looking forward to it so much that I find it hard not to be thinking about some aspect or another of it far too much of the time.   This little trip will involve quite a few firsts, for one thing I will be travelling without a safety net, that is I will have no male back up plan hiding in my suitcase, this will be a full week spent female, and at that I will be spending it quite publicly!   This will be the longest time I will have spent continuously presenting as female, and I will be doing it in a foreign country, now I could spend the whole week hiding in my apartment and doing a little sunning myself on the balcony, but I won't.

I want to reacquaint myself with the Caravaggios at St John's Co-Cathedral  I want to visit Mosta and their amazing Rotunda a totally "over the top" Church for what in reality is a small village, I want to walk around the battlements at Valletta, I want to drink some cold Cisk in a local bar, I want to enjoy the warmth of the mediterranean sun in November, I want to enjoy the natural beauty of the islands, I will not be hiding in the apartment.

But all this obsessing is not good for me and can make me forget that I have other things to look forward to before that.   At the end of this month I will be taking a couple of days off and taking a trip down to Cornwall too stay with a friend there.   Again I love Cornwall but have not been able to find the opportunity to get there for a few years now, it will be good to see my friend for a bit longer than a quick chat, it will be good to introduce her to Paula, and again it will be good to spend some continuous Paula time without having to go back to hiding behind the facade of "him".

I will be playing in at least four concerts before my holiday, and going to a least two others, one of which my daughter and wife will both be singing in.   I will also be going on a day out in Brighton with my friends from Trans PALS and hopefully squeezing in a trip to Cardiff, so the I will hardly be getting a chance to get bored.

In the mean time, back to my packing list............
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