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Paula's Place

Monday, 1 September 2014


Saturday morning was a work day, we started in on landscaping project which I will be undertaking around my normal work, so that will mean quite a few Saturdays, it also meant that because of all the rain the previous night there was a lot of mud and muck, I got home feeling dirty, scruffy and generally not fit for polite society.   For the afternoon I was going to a barbeque hosted by my friend Rebecca, I had planned on a simple, casual outfit of jeans and a nice pink top, but everything in me rebelled against the idea of wearing trousers or bifurcated nether garments of any kind, especially jeans.   I had been in jeans all too much, I had been the "scruffy bloke" too much, I needed a bit of glamour, I needed to feel pretty!

I tend to plan and consider what I am going to wear so that when it comes to getting dressed it is simply a case of putting it all on.   Saturday was a different matter, I had planned, but when it came to it I didn't want to wear what I had planned.   Quite possibly what I had planned would have been more appropriate, but what I did wear was more fun.   I simply opened my wardrobe, looked at the dresses and thought "Yes, RED!"   I hadn't realised quite how short the dress is, but I was glad to see that others had obviously had similar thoughts and it certainly wasn't the shortest there! (you know who you are!)

The afternoon turned into evening, and then night, everyone had lots of fun, some of us had lots to drink, we all made some new friends, and I was reunited with my bubble wand from Brighton Pride.

I gather from my American friends that this is Labour Day, which is often seen as marking the transition from Summer to Autumn, from a work point of view I would rather like summer to continue for a bit longer, but in many ways I have enjoyed this summer, it has, mostly, been nice and warm, I have been liberated into wearing shorts and vests (singlets) to work and so have got a pretty decent tan, I now have a van that should keep me mobile for another couple of years, and have enjoyed not having too frantic a summer season of performances.   This week that all starts to change.

Bands start to rehearse again, evening meetings start to happen and life goes back to it's usual frantic pace.
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