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Saturday, 30 August 2014


There are a lot of us around, often we like to hide our weakness, people make jokes about us, we are figures of derision and contempt.   Society is ashamed of us and tells us that we must conform, but we find it so hard.   Now we are in the 21st Century with the wonders of he internet we can get in touch with others like us, know that we are not alone, some like Joey and me even write blogs admitting to our weakness.   Yes I will admit it, I don't like going to the dentist!  

If I have the opportunity I will always put off visits, and try to resist going at all.   Having missed a couple of regular check ups I sort of just fell off the system and hadn't been to the dentist for several years   All was fine until a couple of weeks ago one of my teeth started to get a little loose, it became uncomfortable and even painful last weekend so I had to bow to the inevitable and make the dreaded visit. Yesterday was the earliest appointment I could get, so I duly traipsed into Croydon to reacquaint myself with one of the most understanding and gentle dentists you could hope to find.   As I suspected the tooth had to be removed, and off course it was all a lot less painful than I anticipated, indeed the worst bits were the x-ray, the injection, and paying at the end.

More pain was to follow as there was another extraction on the menu, I met my daughter straight from the dentist to go shoe shopping, it was her birthday the other day and I had agreed to buy her some Ugg Boots, I think these are truly horrible but she loves them, I see all the other gorgeous shoes on display, and think of how many pairs of lovely pumps I could buy for the same price as these ugly things, but I had agreed and had to go through with it.   As I paid I realised that this was actually the most I have ever paid for a single pair of footwear, ever! I normally enjoy shoe shopping, but to buy the most expensive pair yet, and not even like them stretched the enjoyment, I just hope that she continues to enjoy them as long as Spinelli.

Having started the day out with an electrolysis session that was more than enough pain for one day.
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