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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Weighty problems

I generally weigh myself around once or twice a month, it's not really necessary as I am usually pretty much aware if I put on or lose a bit, on Sunday I weighed myself as I did thin I had put on a bit and just wanted to check.   even though I thought I had put on a bit I was surprised hat the bit was nearly half a stone.   I should stress that this is still a long way from being overweight or of any health concern, but just a little more than I like to be at this time of year.

In the winter I do tend to put a little on as I am slightly less active and probably eat (and drink) a little more, then I will lose it again in the spring as I work more and start to eat more salads, it is very much a lifestyle thing, but at this time of year I am usually at my lightest.   I can only assume that this is a factor of my recent enforced lack of activity and will lose it again in the course of a pretty heavy work load.

However I am vain enough to want to lose it before I go away at the end of next month, especially if I am going to been seen sunbathing beside the pool, I won't fool myself that I could ever look good in a bikini, but, I don't want Greenpeace volunteers running out and trying to push me back in the water!   So for the next few weeks I will have to watch what I am putting in my mouth!

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