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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Friends of the M4

I am back! I know I was away for a couple of days, but sill it feels like a long break and there is so much to catch up with, so many posts on the blogs I follow so many cartoons I follow, and of course the dreaded Facebook to catch up with.   I have two Facebook identities one for me and one for him.   I have 74 "Friends" he has 139 this is more a reflection of time han popularity.   I had 15 notifications he had 4!

SO yesterday after wrestling with the M4 for three hours I managed to hit Hammersmith just in time for rush hour, driving across London at 5:30 is never fun but yesterday I was stunned by the sheer number of mindless idiots who are let loose behind the wheel of a potentially lethal weapon.   Have all of these people actually ever taken a test?   Can they understand the risks and implications of what they are doing?   To the idiot driving a black Mercedes C220 weaving between lanes in Wandsworth yesterday I want to pass special congratulations.   The emergency stop I had to make to avoid destroying your car meant that my entire load shifted causing around a hour's extra work and the scattering of random items around my cab.   As a consequence I have made a resolution.

Next time someone does that to me I am not going to bother avoiding them I will simply allow the to drive into my van and let them buy me a new one.
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