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Paula's Place

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Just a quicky

As regular readers may have worked out, sometimes my life gets quite hectic. Maybe it's not just me, maybe this happens to anybody who works, has a family, and anything else added on to that.   Certainly I seem to be on my juggling act again.   So much so that I don't seem to have had sufficient time to sit down and write a proper post about some of these activities, so on this occasion I will just let myself go with the flow, wait till I have made a reasonable size post and then continue with the next one.

It was a challenging weekend, Mum is in many ways getting worse, but then given that most of her difficulties are age related then that's not so surprising.   It must be said that it was very good to see my brother and spend a little time sitting talking with him.   All too often with all this busyness I find I just don't have time to sit and talk.   It does underline that I have spent very little time with my other brother, who lives so much closer, not by design on either of our parts, just through busyness.

I have been to Hampton Court, I have played another Concert, I have lots of photos, I am just a little short on time, I promise I will catch up soon!

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