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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Still a Good Day

Still thinking about yesterday's "Good Day" I will carry on my story after the parade had passed.   By now we were all in need a drink and a "restroom", Trafalgar Square was going to be like a zoo so we adjourned to a local hostelry.   Of course the Pub was mostly occupied by revellers from Pride so we didn't even get a second look, well not true because we did end up in conversation with the guys at the next table.   In all I ended up enjoying myself a little too much until I suddenly realised just how late it had got and had to make a mad dash for home.

I was sorry to yet again miss an opportunity to hear the fabulous London Gay Big Band in action but I was already committed to a local band performance myself.   I arrived home less than ten minutes before a friend was due to pick me up, I was in full make up and displaying scarlet nail polish and a selection of subtle but still very fem jewelry.   There was no way that I was going to be able to do my transformation act in time - and indeed I had no inclination to, these days I find I am just so much more comfortable presenting my true self.   The All Saints Concert Band is a very friendly local community band which I have been involved with ever since it's inception way back in 1975.   Last night I was actually the only one who was there back at the first performance, but there were several people I have known for many, many years.   All these factors combined to create a sort of perfect storm.

So, I was left with the choice I could just change into my dinner jacket and leave on my make up and nail polish, or put on a black dress.  All things considered I thought that the dinner jacket was likely to send a more confused message than a dress, so one of my more conservative and comfortable black dresses it was.

I don't generally like to just surprise people like this, but somehow last night it just seemed right.   Generally I like to sit down with someone (while presenting as the man they are used to) explain about being trans, and then maybe show them a few photos, this is a model that has so far worked as I have not had any negative reactions so far, a couple of surprised ones but nothing negative.   Having found a model that works, why change it?   Probably because I stupid.

When my friend came to pick me up he barely raised an eyebrow, but then he is one of the most laid back people I know.   However when I arrived pretty much the only comments I got were complimentary and positive.   After the concert we all went to a local hostelry for some refreshments, I did have to make some explanations, but once again everything was very positive.   If anybody had any negative thoughts they certainly didn't come my way!   One girl I spoke to afterwards was very interested, and admitted that I had been confusing her, she had wondered if was gay, but couldn't reconcile that with my being married and having a daughter.   Well now she knew and was reassured by knowing (the dinner jacket would probably have confirmed this wrong impression).

After I explained, and asked people to call me Paula no one forgot and I was correctly gendered throughout, what a wonderful bunch of people!

I know there have been rumours circulating, at least they will not be rumours any more!

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