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Monday, 30 June 2014

Sunday Evening

I'm a Cover Girl!
Well WOW what a weekend!   I have already related a little of my first ever trip to Pride, and the slightly unscheduled outing events of Saturday evening, what I might not have added is that as I was getting lift to and from that concert I was able to have a drink (or four or five) in the pub afterwards, so I went to bed late, happy and just a little drunk.   Knowing that I had time to have a bit of a lay in I wasn't too worried, but then on Sunday morning I woke up around seven and just couldn't get back to sleep.

Looking on the bright side this did mean that I had time to get my act together for the afternoon rehearsal and evening Gala Concert.   With my bag packed, my Trombone in tow and a flask and sandwiches prepared it was back up to town to the wonderful new Milton Court Concert Hall at the Guildhall School of Music in the Barbican.   The rehearsal was fun and the hall brilliant, it will be a bit of a pain having to go back to the Church next season.

Our Soloists Soraya Mali, Michelle Daly, Nicky Spence
and Timothy Connor enjoying the "after concert"
The concert itself was great fun for the all involved, the Orchestra, the Soloists and our chorus, the excellent Pink Singers I think the audience enjoyed themselves as well as we got lots of genuine spontaneous applause.   I had at least four friends in the audience a couple of girls from Croydon Trans, and perhaps more impressively one of my customers (who by now I consider more a friend) and her son, neither of whom have any LGBT connections but just came to listen to the music.   This is the sort of audience I want to get.

And then afterwards we all moved up the road and rather took over one of the local hostelries, I thoroughly enjoyed my night and was rather surprised by just how late it was when I eventually left

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