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Sunday, 29 June 2014


Yesterday was "A Good Day" although I did manage at least one failure - my first attempt at waxing my legs, it hurt as expected, but also left too many hairs in place which wasn't expected.   Anyway that was just a minor irritation against the bigger picture.   And the bigger picture included Pride.

My friend Peter blowing his horn
Now untill yesterday I was a Pride virgin, I had heard a lot about it but had generally either considered it as nothing to do with me or people like me, or more recently I had other commitments.    Well yesterday I managed to free myself of all my daytime commitments so I could at least get up and see the parade with some friends from Croydon Trans.  This group is evolving and will be much more active soon, but that's another story, so, five of us met up at Charing Cross just in time to get soaked, at one point we did take shelter in one of the stall on Trafalgar Square as some of the heaviest rain I've ever seen in London fell on the revellers.    Of course the weather must have put a lot of people off going but there were still enough to be called a crowd.
The Band Approaching

I am sure I missed great deal, but we managed to find ourselves a spot by the railings to watch the parade.   I knew some of my friends were taking part as the London Gay Symphonic Winds were marching, I was a little more surprised to see one or two other friends taking part.

It was great fun, if damp, to be a spectator, but I think that next year one way or another I will be marching myself, whether that will mean carrying a Trans Flag or a tuba remains to be seen, but to paraphrase Max Boyce I Will Be There.

One little Face Book exchange I had before leaving
- friend - "Pride! its raining men, and rain"
- me - "OK so should I take an umbrella or a bucket?"

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