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Paula's Place

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Choir Night

On Saturday Night I went to a concert, this was quite remarkable as it feels like a long time since I have been to a "proper" concert in a proper concert hall when one of the family was not performing.   A friend of mine is a member of the choir so I was keen to hear the Croydon Philharmonic Choir in this their Centenary season.   I am glad I did go, it was a good varied program and was sung well with excellent orchestral accompaniment from the New London Symphonia.

Unusually I am also glad that I went in drab!   It had been suggested to me that this might be better as some other people were going who have met my male self but not Paula, and it could be confusing.   I was OK with this as at a concert I always feel the music and the performance should be the centre of attention, not a performer, or even worse a member of the audience.   I was glad because when we took our seats I found myself seated next a gentleman wearing a very familiar tie.

Although a bit older than me, this tie told me that we had been to the same school, and he was chuffed to pieces when I spoke to him, saying I had recognised the tie and that I too was an "Old Croydonian", we did find we knew a few of the same people, he even thought he might have remembered my eldest brother (we all went there!) although I doubt it.  
He was so pleased that someone recognised the tie and spoke to him I was glad to bring that little bit of cheer, I suspect that Paula would not have said anything, or if she had it would have had to be "My brother is an Old Croydonian", true but not quite the same.

As we were all going home the subject of the next concert came up so I handed out flyers for the next LGSO concert, thus outing myself anyway, as this photo is on the back of the cards.
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