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Monday, 23 June 2014

Mid Summers Night Dream

I can't believe that 2014 is already half way through!   Maybe it is a sign of my ever increasing age, but I prefer to think of it as sign of how busy I have been this year.   Much of the year has been spent simply surviving, the winter was so wet that I had real trouble making ends meet and have been catching up one way and another ever since.

One aspect of all this busyness is that decisions seem to get made without a great deal on conscious thought.   I find that I am now more or less reconciled to the idea that I will be transitioning at some point, indeed I am now looking forward to it and have started to plan the how and when.   Just at the moment I am trying too "get all my ducks in a row"  what do I do first? who do I have to tell? will I be able to stay a member of my Church? but the biggest of all is how will my daughter react?

I had planned to talk to her about this the other night but somehow it never seemed to be the right moment.   Like Jack Sparrow I am a great believer in the opportune moment, but the longer I leave this the less likely it seems that an opportune moment will occur.   So my main task for this week is to at the very least arrange to have "That conversation" with her.   My brothers seem pretty cool with the whole thing and I suspect that the bands I play with will be OK as well (at least as long as I can still play the parts).

For many people in my situation work can be a big problem, one of the advantages of being self employed is that I shouldn't have too many problems there either.   I am sure that I may lose a couple of customers, but I expect to still have plenty of work.

So this week I need to set a time and date to see my daughter for "our little chat" I also need to do lots of practise for the weekend's concerts lead a Homegroup Bible study, attend two rehearsals (on different instruments) go to a concert on Friday with some friends, go to Pride London on Saturday before dashing home to get changed for a local concert in the evening and then the big LGSO Concert on Saturday.

We all have dreams, I dream of having time
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