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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wet Tuesday

When will it stop raining?   I came home from Cardiff on Sunday evening so I could get on with some work on Monday, but once again rain stopped play.   Then again today after a visit to he central composting site it was once again too wet to get n with any of the work I have in hand.

I recently bought a couple of job lots of hosiery having gone through them all there are only a couple of pairs that I want to hang on to, so I spent a little time putting up some E-Bay auctions.  

This also gave me an opportunity to play with a new toy.   Another E-Bay purchase I managed to pick up a compact digital camera at a sensible price, my hope is that this one will prove more reliable than the last couple I bought.   It is already better than the last one I bought as it actually manages to focus!   So far I am pretty pleased with the results, maybe having a nice compact reliable decent quality camera will inspire me to take a few more pictures.
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