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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wet and miserable

I don't want to moan, no actually I do want to moan, and I am going to.   Yet again it was raining steadily when I woke up, I was very tempted to just stay in bed until the sun comes out, but I had a fit of responsibility and got up to go to the prayer meeting I go to every Wednesday morning.   I have been going to this meeting for several years now, originally I went on my way to the office, now it is an earlier star than the rest of the week.   I like the meeting it gives me a fixed point in the middle of the week, a chance to pray with like minded friends, and there is also an element of faithfulness and self sacrifice.   Of all the Church activities I am involved with this is the one that I miss most, if I miss it.

Coming out of my meeting it was still raining and I had more or less reconciled myself t the idea that I would not be working in any gardens today.   Feeling pretty "down" about the whole weather / work thing I decided that I would get changed into my work gear and go to my first scheduled customer of the day anyway.   This customer is one of original two or three customers and has also become a friend, often my visits feel more like social calls than work.   Indeed I have often been to visit, just to check up on her and have a cup of tea even when I have had no expectation of working.

When I got there the neighbour (also a customer of mine) came out to tell me that last week my friend had been taken into hospital and had died over the weekend.   For some time she had not been enjoying life, and had even expressed a desire for it to end, so in a way this may be mercy, but it was still a shock, and I am now feeling rather sad.

The picture shows a raised bed I built for her a few years ago, behind a border I panted, this I have always considered to be one of the best planting combinations I have managed.
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