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Paula's Place

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Another Crossing?

I'm sitting at my desk putting off starting the journey to Cardiff, the rain is drumming on the roof and overflowing the gutters as it falls so hard they can't keep up.   I have heard there is some localised flooding and parts of the road system I plan to be using are currently closed.   But all should be well soon and I will get on my way.

Fortunately I had no such problems yesterday as I had a lot of work on and one non work related appointment during the day.   This was my first ever appointment at a beauty clinic, to start a course of electrolysis.   I now have a small patch of considerably less hairy skin on my face, this seems to be another Rubicon I have crossed.   Increasing it feels as though it is no longer a question of if I transition as when I transition.   Indeed it could be said that this is in fact the beginning of the process.   It certainly feels like I have passed a point of no return.

By way of celebration I had decided I would go out in the evening, nothing special just a trip to the pub, take a book and enjoy a couple of gasses of wine.   In the end the Grape and Grain had a rock band in and was so loud I decided to try elsewhere, another pb a little down the road is also very nice so I popped in there, they too were busy (it was Friday night) so I perched at the bar with my book, until they decided that the ambience would be better with the lights turned down so much I couldn't read.   So driven out of there as well I wandered around for a little before coming home for an early night.
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