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Thursday, 17 April 2014


What a lovely day yesterday was, beautiful blue sky, warm sunshine he scent of flowers, and today looks set to be the same.   Sometimes it is a joy to have a job like mine, having to be out in gardens on days like this is more a privilege than an obligation.

A quick walk around my own garden (it doesn't take very long to walk around my garden) shows a lot more than a few bulbs in flower, although I am very fond of my tulips, they have not all flowered this year, I think I will have to repot or replace them.

Now that the daffodils and the yellow tulips have finish the prominent flower colour here is pink.   I like pink so this is no co-incidence, it will not be long before my peonies explode into colour, and they too are mostly a deep vibrant pink, I think of them as big blousy barmaids of flowers, with apologies to any big barmaids!

As well as spending time in gardens I spent quite a lot of tie slaving over my keyboard, partly work, and partly personal.   I have a good friend that for one reason or another I have not been able to spend any time with alone for several months.   This has been a problem for me as I have wanted to come out to her but have simply not been able to organise the opportunity.   Reluctantly, yesterday. I sent her an e-mail explaining about being trans gender.   As always I was nervous about how this would be accepted, this friend is also a Evangelical Charismatic Christian, and as a group we are not always known for our ready acceptance of non conforming people.   How good and encouraging it was to get a very positive reply, including the phrase "How wonderful to have a new sister in Christ"

It is things like this that confirm to me that I am doing the right thing in promoting inclusion and acceptance within churches.

As a small post script last night I had to pop out to a near by neighbour to quote for a job and give some advise.   The advise turned out to be dig it up and start again, but I will still be popping round with a lawn mower.   I went round after I had had a bath and got changed, my clothing was all fem but I would say my presentation was more androgynous, I was also sporting mauve nail polish.   The lady I met was only interested in my integrity as a professional.
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