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Friday, 18 April 2014

Passover, Potatoes and Planting

Yesterday was Maundy Thursday a day not really celebrated these days, I think a bit of Maundy Money gets handed out and that's about it, I have certainly not been aware of much in the way of ceremonial foot washing.    As a Church we certainly do not do the foot washing bit, but last night we did celebrate Passover.   We have been in the habit of sharing a passover Seder on Maundy Thursday for a few years, now I know this is a little late for a strict adherence to the Jewish calender but for Christians it does suit much better as we believe that the last supper that Jesus shared with his disciples was a Passover Seder.

Sharing with around eighty other people makes it all a lot less intimate and a lot less personal, but none the less it is still both a fun, and a good thing to do.   These days I find myself a little surprised at how few Christians celebrate or indeed even acknowledge, any of the Jewish festivals at all.   I think it is important to remember that our faith is based on Judaism, and without an understanding of first century Jewish culture it is difficult to understand much of Jesus's teaching.  

Of course a lot of the Easter Celebrations have very little to do with Sacrifice and Grace, the Crucifiction and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  For many people the celebrations are more about welcoming Spring, eating chocolate and spending lots of money at Garden Centers and Home improvement stores.   I too will be eating some chocolate and will be spending time in my garden over the weekend.   I have no great desire to spend money at the garden center but I do need to pick up some compost.

This year I am growing potatoes, that may not surprise many of you, but it is not something I have done for many years.   As a general principle I'm not at all sure they are worth the space in a small garden.   Potatoes can take a lot of space and effort and are so cheap to buy that I generally grow something more interesting.

This year I have decided to try growing potatoes in a bag on the patio.   Only a couple of weeks ago I planted about half a dozen seed potatoes at the bottom of an old recycling bag I happened to have hiding in the garage, now they are doing so well I have already used up my whole stock of compost earthing them up, and need more soon, very soon.

Although I bit unsightly they are tucked away in a secluded part of the garden (right by the back door actually) and by the look of them they won't be there for very long.   I think they could be ready by June at this rate.   I am also thinking of planting out my runner beans but we have had a bit of frost a couple of times this week, so I will prepare the ground over the weekend but resist the temptation to plant them out.   I may sow some carrots just to cheer myself up a bit,as  there is nothing quite as satisfying as planting and sowing.
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