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Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Saturday was a big day for Rugby, there were two key matches in the Six Nations and as a keen Rugby fan I was determined to watch them both, but I had even better things planned than watching Rugby on the TV.   I had arranged a day out with my daughter.   First I should say that although my daughter does know about my gender issues she does not know the full extent of those issues (lets be honest neither do I) and we do not really talk about it.   She has issues of her own and I have no wish to burden her further.   But since she and her Mother moved out our times together have become the highlights of my week, and I think that our relationship has deepened.   I think we are nearly ready to have that conversation.

Enough digression, I am a member of the RHS and this was the last weekend of a butterfly event being held at Wisley.   Although my Daughter is not a great garden enthusiast (at the moment) she is a super photographer and grabbed the opportunity to get some great shots with both hands.   We had a few hold ups on the way down to Wisley so we just had to time to get in and go straight to the conservatory, as I am both a Member and had booked entry times this took a mercifully short time.   Going into the conservatory one is immediately aware of the increase in the warmth, but going into the tropical area where the butterflies were was a bit like entering a sauna.   Even though I had dressed for a warm spring day I was immediately aware of how much clothing I had on, and some of the inner layers where in grave danger of getting wet!.

Although the warmth was a little uncomfortable it was well and truly worth it for the plants and the butterflies

All these photos (except the first one of the glass house itself) are my daughter's I could capture nothing of this quality, but to give some idea of the scale of the Wisley glass house here are a couple of the photos she took of the waterfall inside it.

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