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Paula's Place

Monday, 10 March 2014


I have had a brilliant weekend and I promise that at some point very soon I will write about it all because I do like to share these things with my friends.   This morning I sat down at my desk fired up the old laptop to catch up on the cartoons I have missed over the last couple of days, do a little work and write a post here.

Having opened the curtains and cleared away last  night's debris, I had not long settled down with a cup of coffee enjoying the warmth of the sun through the windows when one of the units in our patio windows shattered.  

BANG does the noise it made no justice at all, it was like a small explosion, only after checking that my heart was still functioning properly and that my underpants were still clean did I dare investigate.   It was then that I realised that just the outer pane of one of the large double glazed units was shattered. The continuing sound of cracking as the crazing spread more and more over the next hour or so was quite distracting, and more than a little worrying.  

I can only assume that the warmth of the sun on the outer pane made it expand faster than the inner and the difference caused the outer to shatter, what ever the cause it gave me one heck of a shock as the noise was so LOUD.  

I have contacted my "Window Doctor" who is obviously very busy as he can't even get here to measure up till Monday, thank goodness that it was only the outer pane as otherwise that would be quite a long time to be both cold and insecure.
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