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Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Referenda are much in the news in these parts at the moment, we have the long awaited vote in Scotland about independence, we have the rushed and probably illegal one in the Crimea, and of course we also have our politicians arguing about whether to have a referendum on staying part of the European Union.   Of course I do have opinions on all of these issues, but I'm not sure that this is the forum to share them!

What struck me and prompted me to post was a Labour M.P. on the radio earlier who stated that he thought it was a politician's duty to do what the electorate want.   It didn't take me long to ponder on this and decide that he is wrong. Surely it is the Politician's duty to lead opinion not follow, to instigate fresh ideas and policies, not simply to do what ever is popular in order to get re-elected.

I suspect that this is part of the problem we have with British politics at the moment, with leaders getting ever younger and more photogenic but less experienced and at the same time being held in lower esteem than ever.   Perhaps if our leaders led rather than followed, could convince us that they were in politics because of their conviction and drive to make things better for the country at large then we may, just may show them a little more respect.

I know I said that I would not give my opinion on these issues, but.... it does seem strange to me that we are having a vote on the breakup of the UK but only one part of the Country has a chance to express their opinion.
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