Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Wedding March

To celebrate the first day of same sex marriages in the UK the LGSO have published this performance of the Mendelssohn wedding march as played at our last concert for Valentines day.    I of course am hiding behind my usual pillar somewhere at the back

This performance is conducted by the most excellent Christopher Braime (watch out for that name, a young an who could go far).   This evening I will be play Tuba with the Pelly Orchestra also conducted by Christopher I am looking forward to a fn and interesting afternoon (Rehearsal) and evening (Concert).   At the moment this is the only "Civillian" Orchestra I play with, but I would really, really like  to add to the number so for any orchestras who want a Bass Trombone or Tuba I am (relatively) cheap and often available (Ohh err Missus!)

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