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Paula's Place

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Suits Her

Yesterday was an interesting day, my daughter worked with me during the day, while she may not be the most productive worker I have employed she is better company than many.   While waiting for her I spent a little time with my wife, I should stress that we are still on reasonably friendly terms, or at the very least polite communicative terms.

It seems that she is having a good year, for the first time in years she has started to wear make up on a regular basis, has lost around a stone already this year, which equates to two sizes meaning that she can now and does shop for clothes in Primark.    She has joined a choir and started going out with friends.   All in all she seems to be enjoying life making the most of her opportunities.    I am very happy for her, these are all things that I have been trying to encourage her to do for years.   It's just a shame that it took leaving me for her to feel enabled to do all this.

This all gives me some rather mixed feelings, pleased that she is letting herself bloom a last, but disappointment that I am not involved.   But then nothing else about my life is particularly simple so why should this be.

Whilst I may e morning the loss of my own marriage I would like to add my congratulations to the many others to all those who are getting married today, whatever your gender.
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