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Paula's Place

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Nailed It

Still in Cardiff, sill away from internet access, but here's a "Blue Peter" i.e. one I prepared earlier......

In my line of work I get to play with a lot of power tools, you know those things that get labelled "Boys Toys".   I have drills grinders, mowers, strimmers, angle grinders, hedge trimmers, and of course the most masculine of toys, chain saws.   Trouble is that at the moment I have three chain saws and not one of them is working properly and reliably.    Sometimes I also feel a little incongruity using some of these toys, wielding a 9 inch grinder doesn't seem to quite fit with my feminine self image, but I keep telling myself that tools do not have a gender and that all jobs are open to all.

Earlier this week I was troubled when I broke a nail, my hands and finger nails are a source of pride to me indeed I feel they are my most feminine feature so broken nails don't help, neither does shutting them in the van door!

Fortunately I have nothing where I will be out in public until Saturday when I have concert.   I hope my hand will be feeling, and looking better by then, as I do like to be able to glam it up a bit.   This Orchestra have a more formal dress code than many these days and the Gentlemen still wear dinner jackets and the ladies evening wear.   Although I will be playing tuba I now have a nice longish black dress that has a very full skirt which I think I may wear, it's that or trousers.
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