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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Girl Who Likes to Say Yes

It is slowly dawning on me that I spent too much of the weekend on the M4 getting upset with all the idiots and members of the Centre Lane Owners Club and not enough playing the trombone!   I also end up feeling as though I haven't had a weekend at all and spend the rest of the following week feeling weary.   Feeling weary this week is not really an option, I had a rehearsal last night, a home group meeting tonight, concert Wednesday night and a concert Saturday night, then on Sunday there is anther concert in the afternoon before an LGSO rehearsal, at least then I get to play the Trombone again.

It has been nice too be able to get the CC tuba out again now that I am playing pieces in a ore normal register, but I need to find some time to practise, and I need to get some serious practise in on the trombone before the LGSO concert on 13th April.   It would be nice to be in a position to take the week off work and concentrate on the music, but that's not an option either.   It doesn't seem to matter how much older I get I still don't learn to say no.

On another tack I have always thought of my hands as being one of my best features, I certainly like to let the nails grow a little and them paint hem a pretty colour.   At the moment they don't look so good!   On Friday I managed to shut my hand in the van door, now my little finger is bruised bloodied and swollen.   Then yesterday morning I picked up a fence post while not wearing gloves and got a couple of splinters, I thought I had got them out but had missed a bit which I have only been able to get out this morning, so now my index finger is sore and swollen as well.   I hope they will have recovered by the weekend when I want to be at my best.

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