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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Something in the Air

I do think that spring may be on the way.   Today I not only actually managed a full eight hours chargeable work, at one point I even stripped down to my tee shirt!   The sun was out and it was quite warm, especially while digging post holes!  This was only a short time, but it definitely lifted my spirits.   Driving home I noticed that some of the street trees (flowering cherries) had come into blossom during the day in response to that bit of sun.   Although it still gets dark very quickly, I am now finding I can work till five thirty without too many problems.   If this carries on then I shall be starting to prune roses next week, and will have to think about starting to cut grass again.

I wrote that first paragraph last night, but never got round to finishing and posting as I was busy tidying up the house ready for my guests tonight.    It is surprising (to me anyway) just how much difference not being around for a weekend makes.   It is a the weekend that I tend to do the little bit of housework that I do along with my laundry, shopping etc. miss that and it takes me all week to catch up.   This week it looks as though I should be able to work every day as the weather looks set to be better, and as I have work to do I will be highly relieved to get it done.

Now I'm off to finish tidying up after pruning an apple tree the other day, the ground is still totally water logged so there will be no "proper" gardening yet for a couple of weeks.   There is still plenty of tidying to do and it is only a week or so before I start pruning ~ A little sun and my mood pikes up no end, I am looking forward t the next few weeks.
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