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Sunday, 23 February 2014


I have just got back from my weekend in Cardiff, this is my second trip down there this month and my third of the year, with a couple of other little trips that is something like 1,000 Motorway miles so far this year.   I am staggered that in all those miles I have yet to witness a single accident, it is to the credit of the many good drivers that they manage to avoid the collisions so nearly caused by the multitude of bad ones.

For the moment I will ignore the sexually insecure men who find that their penises shrink when they are overtaken by a woman driving a Transit van, but I won't ignore the several cases of tailgating I have witnessed or the loads, upon loads, of semi-conscious idiots occupying the centre lane regardless of speed of traffic conditions.  

Today the CLOCS (Centre Lane Owners Club) were out in strength, some where maintaining a steady 60 mph, others would drive at the same speed as the car in front of the, until it turned off or changed lane, then they would accelerate until catching up another car and then staying behind that one.   Worst of all was one particular BMW that would slow right down to around 50 mph for while, then the driver would wake up and accelerate up to around 80 or 90 mph before drifting off into Laa Laa land again. I passed that particular car three or four times while all the time I was maintaining a steady 70 mph.

Of course this sort of behaviour is not only inconsiderate and dangerous it is also illegal, a while back the Government realised just what a problem these idiots are and changed he law so that the Police could issue on the spot fine notices for drivers who were not using motorway lanes properly or driving to close to the car in front.   Much though I hate to say anything good about this Government this was a good thing.   Only one problem ~ in all those 1,000 plus motorway miles I have driven this year I am yet to see a single Police Patrol Car.   How can the police enforce the laws in they are not present?

I can't help think that if the Police can resort to using a Scania to catch HGV drivers using mobile phones then they could put out at least few cars at the weekends

Since I am typing this on Sunday night this is my Weekend Wobbly as well as my rant for the week.

Thank you and Good Night
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