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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Looking Forward

As a Gardener I am always thinking and planing ahead, I am pruning roses in March so that they will flower well and look good in June, July and August. I have just been pruning apple trees, not so they are good now, but so they will blossom in May and fruit well in the Autumn.    We plant or bulbs a couple of seasons before we want them to flower.   I think this makes us naturally optimistic people, we know that even though this winter has been wet, wet, wet and that there is much that we should have done which we have left undone, spring will still come in with a flood of blossom and scent, summer will warm our backs fill our bellys and flood our senses.   I am currently enjoying the earl daffodils, the crocuses snowdrops and hellebores, but I am also looking forward to tulips, peonies, lilly of the valley and runner beans!

Something to look forward to
I am also a Christian, and as such I am also always looking forward, it is right that we should enjoy the blessings we have already been given, but compared to those that are to come they are nothing.   As Christians we know that things will get better, that we have hope for both this life and the eternal life we have already started on.   For both of these reason I refuse to get too worried about finances, which are a bit hairy at the moment, after all "man cannot serve both God and Mammon"

Money Problems
So, I have made a choice, I will not be dwelling on money matters, instead I am going to look forward, I am going to look forward to tonight's gig on electric bass, Saturday night's dinner with my good friend B, the following Saturday's group meeting.    Marshall Stockburn and his deputies have already been defeated by the Pale Rider.
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