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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Out and About

So much for all the introspection, how about some of what has been going on in my life recently, well I have as they say been out and about quite a bit, since in my last post I mentioned that I have come out to two friends, this is interesting one is a male friend of long standing, I had already had the discussion with his wife and as expected he was pretty cool with the whole thing, asked a couple of questions, listened to the answers and appears to have decided that it's no big deal, I expect he will take his time think about it and either ask any questions that come up, or maybe not even mention it again.   I do not expect him to joyously embrace Paula, that is not what I was after, but I a pleased to have told him, he is a good friend and deserves to be trusted and told, I do not really want my friends finding out, I want to tell them.

I also talked to a female friend of ours from Church, I have been quite intimate with both her and her husband for many years, and once again I waned to be the one to tell her.   In this case I also wanted to make it clear that my wife had cause to leave me, I do not want people thinking, "How could she leave that nice man like that".   I was very pleased that she was very understanding, asked interesting questions and listened to the answers.   I have been very impressed with the acceptance of the Church members I have told, so far there has been no criticism or condemnation at all.   While I suspect that this will not always be the case, so far so good.

Well that's out, I have also been about a bit, no maybe I should rephrase that.... On Friday night I met up with my good friend S for a drink in Croydon.   We met up in the Spread eagle in Croydon, we thought we might go somewhere else after meeting up, but we had a nice comfy table, it was quiet warm and the beer was good so we stayed there.   We actually stayed there for quite a while, a little longer than I had planed, but it was a very nice evening.   I wore my mauve skater dress with knee boots, and S was very complimentary about how I looked, which always does a girl good.   I was a little amused that S was drinking pints while I kept to ladylike halves!

I also played at a New Year's eve, eve Masked Ball, I didn't join in, but just limited myself to playing and then stayed in the green room and had a drink with a of the few others there.   This was fun, sometimes it's nice to just be out with friends.   I find these days that it's so much nicer to be out as me than to maintain the pretence that sometimes I wonder how much longer I can maintain the act.   But then there is always a situation just round the corner where it would not be appropriate.

Must go now, got to get ready for a rehearsal with the LGSO
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