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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Feeling Old, but Good

I worry about any group I go into and lower the average age, I am now past that certain age that can be described as a "certain age", Gravity has taken it's toll, as has wind rain and sun.   Now I keep my legs permanently shaved I find that they look better in thicker, or coloured tights (helps to cover up the loads of little spidery veins).   My hair has been grey for so long that I'm not too sure what the original colour was.   Having said all that I feel pretty good, in any ways I actually feel pretty much the same way I did when I was 25, the main difference is that I now feel much greater freedom to be me.

At last nights rehearsal I suddenly realised that y trombone was the second oldest thing in the section, sometimes it's frightening how young some of my friends are, I find myself telling them about Doctor Who episodes aired before they were born, somehow it is hard to remember how long ago the 1980s were, I find it hard to understand that adults could be born that recently!   There are advantages to getting older, not least the knowledge that other peoples opinion of you matters a lot less than your own.

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