Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Friday, 3 January 2014

Looking Forward

Last year was a mixed one, and I see no reason why 2014 will be any better, whatever, it will be very, very different.

I am not making any resolution, but I do have a few aspirations, primarily to be as authentic as possible as often as possible.   That of course means living up to by claim to be transgendered, that is not just going out dressed, it means admitting to friends and family, owning my femininity, possibly publicly.

No sure how much of this makes sense, but I have started the year how I plan to continue and have already (during 2014) come out to two friends, both were pretty cool about it and reacted pretty much as anticipated.   I am enormously encouraged that everyone I have told so far is accepting, so that shoudl reassure me that over the next year I should expect to get some acceptance.
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