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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Those things that I have done, and those that I have left undone

Things I have not done to prepare for Christmas
  1. Bought presents for a large number of family and friends
  2. Bought too much food including an improbably large fowl
  3. Bought peeled and prepared any Brussel Sprouts
  4. Wrapped any presents for anyone!
  5. Sent any Christmas Cards at all
  6. Been to any parties
  7. Mulled my own wine (It's easier to buy it and just warm it up)
  8. Put up any decorations other a tree a crib and a table centre
  9. Got any wrapping paper, the gifts I have bought will be wrapped in A4 printer paper
  10. Worried about any of the above

Things I have done
  1. As much work as possible
  2. Spent time with my daughter
  3. Arranged to spend time with my Mother
  4. Spent time with a couple of my older customers who feel very alone
  5. Played in several (I think it is seven) Christmas concerts
  6. Played Leroy Anderson's Christmas Festival once, Only Once!
  7. Had a good friend round for dinner and Christmas drinkies
  8. Been to Church, played and sung carols as worship to the Lord whose birth we celebrating
  9. Tidied up and cleaned living room
  10. Tried to remember what all the fuss is about

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