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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Christmas

I have been waiting for somebody with a clipboard to ask me what I think the meaning of Christmas is, just so I can tell them "It is the time when we celebrate the transcendent made manifest"

I was rather dreading Christmas this year, it looked as though it could have been the first I would spend alone, as it happens  I have been overwhelmed with invitations, and I am very touched by the number of cards that arrived for me (as opposed to for the family).   It will still be the first time that I will wake up on Christmas morning as the person in the house.   Every year before this I have either been with my parents or my wife.

I had a lovely day on Monday and a nice quite slow day on Tuesday and am anticipating a very pleasant Christmas day itself with friends.   I have already been to Midnight communion at my Church and then I will be starting the day proper off playing at the morning service at then going straight from there to my friends.

Like most of us I will no doubt eat and drink a little more than may strictly be good for me, I will enjoy opening a couple of presents, but I will try to remember what it is we are celebrating, and why it is important.  

As I will be spending the day with friends this does rather restrict my clothing choices, if I had the freedom, this is what I would be wearing today, but I don't so I won't.
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