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Friday, 13 December 2013

Beginners Welcome

Our support group in Croydon is a very friendly bunch of girls who meet up on the second Saturday of each month, we are quite a lose group as it's not always the same people who turn up, there are of course some "die hard" attendees,but most of us make it when we can.   It is also quite a sociable group, there's no agenda, or formal business, we meet in a pub, we chat over a drink and share between ourselves the trials and triumphs of the month.   This is fine for those of us who are old enough, confident enough and organised enough to go into a pub, dressed.    We are mostly of an age where we are past caring what other people may think, and to have built up our own facilities for getting dressed and travelling.

Now given that we are normally between six and a dozen in number, and Croydon has a population of over three hundred thousand there must be quite a lot of trans people who we are not serving.   To that end we are starting a new, additional group next month.    The first meeting will be on the 25th January 2014, I will be there as will a few others to share our experiences and offer whatever help we can.

The new group will be called TRANS PALS and is a new friendly group for beginners, to give them confidence.   TRANS PALS will provide a safe environment for transsexuals, cross-dressers or intersex, whether male or female.   There will be, no alcohol, smoking or illegal substances.   No fetish clothing or kinky gadgets.   This will definitely not be a pickup point for admirers, but friends, family and supporters will always be very welcome.

If you would like more information, details of the wheres and whens of our meetings then send me a message (using the contact form on the right) and I will forward the details on to you.   Although we have said that it is for "beginners" it is for anyone of any age who is seeking a safe accepting environment where they can be themselves, and talk to people who will understand, and may even have trod the same (or similar) paths before them.
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