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Paula's Place

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Early Reflections

Well the perils of being a gardener and trying to be glamorous! I have taken special care to keep my nails intact this week, so that tonight I could waggle my fingers as much as I flutter my eyelashes and be the prettiest most glam trans girl at the party.   Well all I can say is so much for planning.

I knew I had to work today, I had planned it, I had booked my friend B to work with me, it was a fairly simple job so we should have been through by mid afternoon, I should have known! with one thing and another we weren't through until nearly five O'Clock, certainly it was dark, however the shed did have a new roof, and had been painted.   When I got home I found that I too had been painted, and worse than that I had bitumen on my face and in my hair!   Given that it was not a fancy dress party I was going to, I couldn't say I was the well known English Poet John Bitumen so I had to clean it all off.   The only thing I have found that cleans off Bitumen is Petrol, on the whole not a good facial care product.

Having got the both the bitumen and the petrol out of my hair and off my face I then found another problem.   Last night I had noticed a small dirty mark on the back of the dress I was planning to wear tonight, so I popped it into the washing machine, don't ask me how, but somehow it came out dirtier!   Having then decided that I did want to wear this white dress tonight I decided to try hand washing it, but when I got home it was still wet!   So, total change of plan then!

Shower, shave, dress, make-up, jewellery, shoes, eventually managed to get ready in time for a cab to pick me up at seven.   Of course for all my panic I was early, over dressed and much in need of a glass of wine.

On top of everything else one of my cameras won't work at all and the other is a bit "dodgy" on colour and now has no batteries, but I did promise a photo so this is the best I can do for now.
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