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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

WOOPS, well maybe not so bad after all.

I have already mentioned here and here some special friends who I have been trying to come out to for some time, I have also already mentioned Saturday night's concert but there are a couple of things that I didn't mention.   The first thing I didn't mention was my clothing choice.

This is a group to who I am not "out" although a couple of my friends do know, so no LBD on Saturday night, I did wear a pair of dress trousers with a satin strip down the leg, a rather nice quite short black jacket, and a black silk blouse, I limited my accessories to a gold coloured chain black sparkly ear studs and my wedding ring (although in the second half I did sport some ridiculous Christmas earrings).   As is usual these days my gloves scarf and coat were like all my clothes also feminine items.   I enjoyed the evening and was sad that I had to leave the after concert social a little early, I expected this to be the last time I would see most of these friends this year, and yes the couple I have been wanting to have that certain chat with were there, but with his parents and their daughter, so once again it did not seem like the opportune moment.

Yesterday I got a message from the wife through Facebook "We need to talk" unlike most people she had noticed what I was wearing, and more to the point was prepared to act on what she had seen!   I will be going over to see her in a couple of days, but since we are now Facebook friends I am hopeful that it will be another positive experience.   I am always nervous before these conversations, but so far I have only had positive reactions so lets hope for more of the same, if I keep making the closet bigger maybe eventually it will just break open.
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