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Paula's Place

Monday, 30 December 2013

Domestic Goddess

Last Monday evening my good friend B came to dinner, as we are both now in many ways single it was a nice opportunity to have a small celebration of our own.   For me it was also an opportunity to show off my culinary skills a little.   As I could not work in the afternoon I could take a little time playing around, so after tidying up and hoovering I chilled the champagne prepared a couple of table ornaments and put together some little canap├ęs.

I managed all this and still had time to get changed.   B has met Paula several times before so he was not particularly phased when I greeted him at the door, indeed he was gracious enough to tell me how nice he thought I looked.   I can't say that I am too sure he realised just how much that meant to me.

I enjoyed all the reparations, it was nice to have the time too get things how I wanted them, and somebody to do it for rather than just myself.

After we had enjoyed some Kir Royals I had put together what I thought was a pretty good dinner.

We started with pears with blue cheese cream, followed that with one of my speciality dishes of pork fillet in ginger ale, after that there were the inevitable mince pies with cream,cheese, coffee, brandy and chocolates.

One way and another not a low calorie option, I hate to think just how much weight I might have put on with just this one meal.

I just hope that it won't mean that it will have been the only chance I have to wear my Topshop white peplum dress, this is the outfit I had planed to wear to my support groups Christmas dinner I do like this outfit, it feels good, I feel good wearing it and I think I look all right in it as well.   Like so many of the outfits I have the problem is that I don't get enough opportunities to wear it, it is a bit too dressy for day wear and being white it's not something I can wear to play a concert.

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