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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Getting to the point

I have just got home after playing at a special New Years celebration service at our Church, it was a very lively service and we "really rocked it"  This was a rare opportunity for me to play the electric bass, a definite change from all he very straight orchestral music I have been playing on my more favored instruments recently.   I am resisting New Year's resolutions but I do know I want to play the Bass more, I can't see when or how I will manage it but it would be good to have a fairly regular band that I could play with and develop in this idium, of course it would be even better if I could do it as Paula.

Any way I am rambling and as I do so often digressing as well, what I wanted to say was having got home I have chilled out a little with a glass of wine, and have sat back and enjoyed a bit of Jools Holland's Hootenanny I have now fired up the old laptop, wasted too much time on Facebook.    You will probably know how much time it is possible to waste on Facebook, well with two identities it is possible to waste twice as much time, there I go again wandering away onto something else, all I wanted to say was

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