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Monday, 11 November 2013

Mum's the Word

Hannah has been musing on family similarities, how she looks like her sisters when dressed, but her father at other times.   I have always been told that I resemble my Mother, I have been used to the idea but could never really see it myself, but then the other night in the pub after rehearsal I just caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror, and my first thought was "Blimmey that woman looks like Mum".   I soon realised that it was my reflection I had seen rather than another woman, but it did unsettle me a bit.

I have noticed a few times recently that even without any make up when I look in the mirror I see the female me looking back, today without any makeup or jewellery apart from my wedding ring and sleepers in my ears I was a little disconcerted as I pondered the incongruity of looking in the mirror at a woman shaving her face.

I wonder if this is because I am currently spending so much dressed indeed most of my spare time, I wonder if I should limit myself to maybe a couple of evenings or something.   But that is a thought that can wait as this week I am out on Monday night (tonight) rehearsal, Tuesday night meeting, Wednesday night rehearsal, Friday night family and all day Saturday (Church Men's day if you will!) in situations where I have to (or at very least should) go as him.   So it looks as though I will be in drab now until Sunday afternoon, this will either be a strain or liberating, lets see.
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