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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Morning Routine

I like to start each day by looking at some cartoons on line, well actually I like to start each day with a glass of orange juice, and then some tea, but when I've got my tea and switched on Radio 4 to listen to the Today Program then I fire up the laptop and look at the cartoons.   There is usually something good, sometime one sometimes two or three interesting observations occasionally a good chuckle, rarely a I disappointed.   This morning when I eventually emerged from my pit, having made the mistake of having a couple of whiskies while trying to watch the Rugby I recorded yesterday when I got home from the pub, I found I was out of Orange Juice so had to resort to coffee before checking up on my regular cartoons.   They seemed to be all pointing out some eternal truths, first the Wizard of Id, sometimes I wonder if this how others see my transforations

Next I find Luann making an observation on married life that reflects my own situation, I think a lot of our problems that we both wanted to be married, but we both wanted different things from our marriage, I suspect that can be the case with lots of couples,
Last night was my support group meeting, being my usual pillar of indecision I managed to narrow my clothing choices down to two outfits I was either going to wear skinny jeans and a sweater or leggings and a tunic, so which did I finally choose? My favourite mauve skater dress of course.

Doctor Lee
But I have definitely decided tonight I will be going to my rehearsal as Dr Lee from Skin Horse


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