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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Every Month

Today is the second Saturday of the month and I am faced with the same problem I have at this time every month, what to wear to tonight's group meeting.   I am quite sure that the other girls are A/ having the same problem, and B/ not too worried about what conclusion I come to.   I am sure that we all want to present ourselves as well as we can, there is no point scoring, rivalries or anything like that, it's more a question of respect for each other, and making the most of what for some is a rare opportunity.
Not these boots!

My original plan for today was to work this morning before having a relaxing afternoon in front of the tele before getting ready for the evening.   But once again the weather has intervened, it is raining, I am more or less up to date with the housework, I have already prepared my evening meal, it just needs to be popped into the oven, I have cleaned the hop and done all the washing up, the washing machine is currently engaged on it's first load of washing.   Amongst many other things this means that my choice of outfit tonight will not be influenced y what is clean as that covers pretty much everything.   I also start to think about what I have worn to these meetings before, I don't want to make too many repeats.

Since it is getting colder at night I shall have to take that into account, and currently favour wearing my new boots, so either skinny jeans and a sweater or leggings and a tunic, I think which ever I don't wear tonight I will probably wear tomorrow to my rehearsal.

I wonder do others go through this level of indecision? is the clothes dilemma more pronounced with cross dressers than with genetic girls? is it a sign of the importance that clothes play in our lives
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