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Paula's Place

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Who's the Walrus

Yesterday I spoke of many thing, but not of shoes or ships, or sealing wax, or cabbages or kings.   I may correct some of that today.   I did speak of Doctors and coming out, and there will be a little ore on both of those.

My Doctors' practise as many Doctors working there, unless you specify it tends to be a matter of luck which one you see, this morning I saw a lady Doctor, which was actually something of a relieve, somehow with personal things I find it much easier to talk to other women.   The outcome is that I am being referred to two specialist units, one for a hearing test the other may take longer, and hopefully be irrelevant by the time the appointment comes through, to a local unit where I should be able to talk through some of my issues and the various causes of my depressions.   I may not say any more on this matter here as this is a very public place and some of this will be between me, my doctor and my family.

However Paula is now a little less private as last night I did come out to another friend.   I have known her for some time and have at times been a sounding board and a shoulder to cry on for her.   On various occasions recently she has noticed and commented on my pierced ears, (complete with glittery studs) my nail polish, my hair and a bag I was carrying the other week.   So I was quite surprised when I told her and she said she had no idea, I was also pleased that yet again it was no biggy for her.   Indeed after a little thought she was almost delighted that here was someone else she could talk clothes with, and do lunch and shopping, this could be fun.   Yet again I am forced into the opinion that women are much more understanding than men ~ do men feel threatened by us? ~ and that it is a very different thing to find out that a man is trans and finding out that your man is a cross dresser.

Each time I decide to come out to somebody I get nervous about it, I try to plan the whole thing, I'm more frightened of rejection than derision, but that has yet to happen, once again I am forced to the conclusion that people are nice.
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