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Friday, 25 October 2013

My first love

Ain't she a beauty
Tomorrow evening I will be indulging myself, I will be achieving a first and at exactly the same time going back to my first love.   I'm sorry to say this but to all those ladies who have meant a lot to me throughout my life, none of them can really be said to be my first love.   The one who has been loyal, who is still with me, who is always there for me, comforts me when I am down and celebrates with me when I am up.   The one whose mellow tones will soothe me when I am angry, or cheer me when I am sad.   The one who gives me a little joy  just by standing there in the corner.   Yes I am talking about my tuba.

I will be playing the tuba with the a group from the LGSO at a ball tomorrow night, this is the instrument I am most comfortable playing, it is my first love, and the one I have been playing longest.   I first started on the tuba as a 12 year old I had already been singing for some time and had some piano lessons without ever really taking to the instrument.   As soon as I heard and saw the tuba I knew that was my instrument, and I was right, and it still is.

The only problem with playing my favourite large CC tuba is that it sits between the legs of the player rather on the lap, in turn this means that my ludicrously large collection of LBDs are all unsuitable (if I am to retain any modestly at all).   Most ladies who play will either wear trousers or large full skirts that will accommodate the instrument and protect their modesty.  

I have already over spent this month so I will not be going out and buying anything just for this one performance, so I am a little split whether to wear some dress trouser, with a  sparkly waist or culottes which will still allow me to "show a bit of leg".   Bizarrely the waists of both of these options are a little on the large side so it may well be comfort that dictates the final decision.

Those of you have been reading attentively for some time will know that I am a little uncomfortable with the whole Halloween thing, I a certainly not in the habit of celebrating it, rather I will generally avoid anything to do with the celebrations.   I agreed to play at this ball some time ago when it was just being trailed as a masked ball, I now find that it is being billed as a Halloween ball with guests encouraged to indulge in gruesome fancy dress, the orchestra have just been asked to wear all black so at least I am spared that, but I suspect that I may be a little uncomfortable with some of what may be going on.   Still maybe it serves me right for not checking my calendar or asking the right questions.
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