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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Stuff and nonsense

Today has been grey, miserable and wet, so not a day for working outside in the gardens, rather I have spent the day sorting out some upcoming jobs, trying to source some materials and generally sorting odds and ends.   A while back I thought about going to see my Doctor to see if he could refer me to someone I could talk through my issues with.   There is a system for making appointments on line so I went to use that, only to find that when my computer hard disk failed a while back all my book in details were lost so I couldn't do it.   Not to worry the NHS has a central trace so I could go through their website and get my log in details, when I typed in my name date of birth post code and gender I got the reply "Details do not match those held by your practise" I was a little concerned but as I was so busy I didn't follow it up ~ until today.

In my travels I popped into the Surgery and explained about losing my details, they checked, and told me that they did have the right information about me, and that they would send me fresh log in details.   While I was there I also made an appointment.   I will be seeing the Doctor next Thursday, so I have just over a week to sort out what I am going to say, and just over a week to get nervous, worried and to think about chickening out.   I know (or think I do) that it can only be helpful, but I will admit to being nervous about this discussion already.

When I am at home alone, I will dress for comfort, today that meant a snuggly sweater knitted tights pink slippers and a denim skirt, being on my own I didn't worry about makeup or jewellery, but was wearing a bra and some forms.   Having been on my own since lunch time I didn't really think abut when the door bell rang but automatically went and opened the door, as I did I suddenly thought what the *%$@ are you doing? but it was too late.   There stood a delivery man, who handed over a box, got my autograph and didn't bat an eyelid at my clothing choices ~ good man! and in the box, my new boots so I am extra pleased that I did answer the door.

The sun has now come out, I have a rehearsal to go to and I've got my new boots, the day that started grey and miserable feels a lot better now.
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