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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

People can be nice

Written about seven thirty last night (Tuesday)

I have an observation, I noticed this yesterday evening when I popped into the Tesco's next door, on the whole people are quite nice, if you give them the chance, but they definitely seem to be nicer to Paula than they are to Paul.   Odd that, strangers seem to respond well to me almost all the time, almost everywhere.   I wonder if this is because Paula is nicer, giving off (for want of a better expression) good vibs, while he is just seen as the typical aggressive masculine seeking domination.

I increasingly find I am more comfortable while in fem, more peaceful and therefore more at ease with myself and with others.   It could be that this comes across to others and that's why they are nicer to me.

I'm sure there is a deeper message in all this, but just at the moment I'm not able to think about it.   I have some people coming around in an hour or so and had best get changed and clean off my make up and nail polish before they get here, this is one of those many situations where I am afraid neither I nor they are quite ready for me to be out.
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