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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Bloody Americans

It goes against all my finer instincts, I hate myself for saying this, but, I agree with an American.   Worse than that I agree with an American politician.   You may relax it is not Palin. but it is actually someone with real power.   Well real power in the world if perhaps not that much in America.

Today Obama basically said that the idiots that Americans keep electing have done serious, permanent damage to the world economy. OK not his exact words, he is far more diplomatic than that, but I still fail to understand how anyone elected to high office could possible have ever thought that this recent crisis created solely by partisan self interest was ever a good idea.   Please remind me again, what exactly it is that was being objected to, was it something along the lines of people should be encouraged to make provision for them selves if they fall on hard times or are ill, and that maybe society should take an interest in them.   And for this the most powerful country in the world shuts down.

I live in a country where we argue about how much provision we should make for those who are unemployed, have a disability, are old or infirm, not whether we should make a provision.   I worry that even here, the home of the social state, that we are abandoning some of those who deserve our care.   Yet in the "Land of the Free" unless you can afford it you can be denied medical care or starve.   So what price freedom?

I am sure I may have upset a few of you with this rant, but surely the purpose of society is to be social, to care for one another, and in turn to be cared for.   Maybe this is just at the forefront of my mind as I suspect I may be in need of receiving some care from society at some point.

As I warmed to my diatribe against American politicians I very nearly forgot the whole point of this post, it has recently come to my attention that Boris Jonson was actually born in the USA, that means that he is eligible for election as president of the USA, so please, please elect him, then in London we won't have to put up with this joker any more.

You know thinking about it suddenly the Americans don't seem so bad
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