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Saturday, 5 October 2013

"Thank you"

At the end of a ridiculously busy week it is nice to sit down and relax.   Even today (Saturday) I had an all day Worship seminar / conference / thingy that I was committed to being at.   It was very good, and although I'm not too sure that I learnt anything new I was certainly reminded of a few things I had more or less forgotten.    Every night this week I have had some sort of commitment that has required "him" to be out, so I have not had an opportunity to be me since last Sunday.

Tonight after getting home I decided to get changed, and to glam it up a bit in order to cheer myself up, while relaxing.   I already had on a rather nice black satiny blouse so I decided to keep that and team it with a pair of black culottes and formal black jacket, along with some sparklies it makes a nice party type outfit.   It was after getting changed that realised I would need some fresh bread for the morning, and could really do with some wine for the evening.   They have more or less got used to me next door in the Tesco's Express so I wasn't worried about popping in.  

I was showing quite a bit of leg and was way over dressed for shopping, but then that is quite normal as lots of people pop in on their way to parties, indeed while I was there a very pretty quite tall girl came in wearing very nice, very high heels and a very nice very short dress. we exchanged a few words other the wine fridge as we made our selections.

I collected the rest of my shopping and went to the tills to pay, my favourite (female) cashier wasn't on duty, so I had to go to the sole male cashier.   They are in the habit of getting a bag out for each customer, but I am in the habit of taking my own cotton bag, so the following conversation ensued;

"It's OK I don't need a bag"
" Oh you're turning down my bag are you?"
"Well it's nothing personal"
shopping rung through money exchanged, then;-
"You know I like you"
me totally flummoxed can't think of anything to say other than to smile and say
"Thank you"
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