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Saturday, 5 October 2013

I Think I've Lost It

OK I think I've lost it, that is in both a metaphorical and a literal way.   I am actually sitting typing this at seven thirty in the morning after being up for around three hours, even though I didn't get t bed till gone midnight.   I have had a fairy frantic week with various commitments in the evenings as well as lots of work during the day.

Friday morning I realised I didn't have my mobile, I couldn't find it anywhere in the house or the van, yes I've lost it.   I thought I had probably left it in the Church where I was rehearsing the previous night (London Charity Orchestra, next performance next week in St Paul's Cathedral!), but equally I could have dropped it getting in or out of the van, or just walking down the steps of the church past the homeless who gather there.   After much heart searching I decided to call Vodafone and have a stop put on it and get a new sim card sent through, thinking I'll just have to bite the bullet and buy a new phone.   When I get home I find that I have an e-mail telling me the phone has been found, but by now it has already been blocked!

Well, after work a quick wash and change and then dive over to meet a friend for a couple of beers and dinner, very nice, very civilised, get home a little late, put some washing in the machine and go to bed. Wake up in a blind panic what did I do with the cheque?   We finished a very nice little bit of landscaping,, I got paid put the cheque in my shirt pocket and packed up.   The shirt had gone in the washing machine, I can find no trace of the cheque or indeed any sign that it went into the machine, yep I've lost it!

One way r another I need to wind down a little, take on less commitments, both paid and non paid, but first I have another busy week ahead to try to get through.
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